AppsAnywhere: Application Availability Matrix - Personal Computer


Lists all the software that is available to you if from AppsAnywhere on your personal computer.



What applications will be available to me when I log into AppsAnywhere on my personal laptop / computer?


This chart shows you all the software that is available to you if from AppsAnywhere on your personal computer. You must already have downloaded AppsAnywhere on your computer to be able to see what is available to you. If you have not done that yet please see some of the links at the bottom of the page.

***This is method is only for WIndows devices. If you have Mac OS then you would have to use MiDesktop to access it with this link:
Remotely Access UM-Dearborn Computer Labs via MiDesktop


Applications that are available can be installed in one of three ways or both:

  1. Cloudpaging Player -  Application runs directly from AppsAnywhere through the Cloudpaging Player on your computer.
  2. Download - Download from an External Website or through Direct Download Link and install it on your computer.

Additionally there maybe other requirements to use the software:

VPN -  You will need to connect to the campus VPN through the Global Protect software to run the software.


Applications Cloudpaging                Download           VPN Required   
7-Zip Yes No No
Abaqus Student Edition 2019 Yes No No
ACL for Windows 15.1 Yes No No
Adobe Creative Cloud External Website Link Yes No
Alertus Desktop External Website Link Yes No
Altair Student Edition Yes No No
Alteryx External Website Link Yes No
Android Studio 4.1.1 Yes No No
Ansys 2021 R2 Yes No No
Ansys Suite 2019 R2 Yes No No
ArcGIS Pro 2.9.3 Yes No No
Arduino IDE 1.8.19 Yes No No
Audacity Yes No No
Autopsy Yes No No
AWS Command Line Interface Yes No No
Blender Yes No No
BodyViz Desktop Yes No No
Canvas at UM-Dearborn Yes No No
Catia V5R19-SP9 Yes No No
Chromas 2.6.6 Yes No No
Construct 2 Yes No No
Decision Tools 8.2 Yes No No
Dragon Naturally Speaking Yes No No
Dropbox External Website Link Yes No
Gephi 0.9.2 Yes No No
Gimp 2.10 Yes No No
Git 2.30 Yes No No
Global Protect (VPN software) External Website Link Yes No
GnuPlot 5.4.1 Yes No No
Google Earth Pro Yes No No
Graphical Analysis Yes No No
Hyperworks 2020 Yes No No
Jack 9.0-x64 Yes No No
  Cloudpaging                Download           VPN Required   
jGRASP Yes No No
JMP Pro 14.2 Yes No No
Keil µVision 5.35 MDK Yes No No
Labview Theory Design 7th Ed. Book Yes No No
LibreOffice 7.3.1 Yes No No
Lingo 19 Winter 2022 Yes No No
Logic Friday Yes No No
LSDyna R10 Yes No No
LTSpice 17 Yes No No
Mathematica 12.1.1 Yes No Yes
Mathematica 13.1 Yes No Yes
Matlab R2019b External Website Link Yes No
Matlab R2020b Yes No No
MEGA 11 Yes No No
Mesquite 3.6 Yes No No
Minitab 21.2 Yes No No
Minitab Products External Website Link Yes No
Modelon Impact 54.0 Yes No No
Msys2 Yes No No
Netbeans 8.2 Yes No No
Notepad++ 7.5.8 Yes No No
OBS Studio 27 Yes No No
Oculus Yes No No
Oculus 37 Yes No No
Office 365 External Website Link Yes No
OpenMarkov 0.4.0 Yes No No
PHStat 4.1 Yes No No
Programmers Notepad Yes No No
PSIM Yes No No
PSpice Yes No No
PuTTy Yes No No
Python 3.9.1 Yes No No
QGIS 3.4.5 Yes No No
QLik Sense External Website Link Yes No
Quartus LIte Yes No No
R 4.1.1 Yes No No
R 4.1.2 Yes No No
R Studio 1.4.1717 Yes No No
Read and Write Gold 12 Yes No No
SAP GUI 7.70 Build 5 Yes No No
SAS External Website Link Yes No
Simio 15 Yes No Yes
Solver Table Yes No Yes
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac - Home Edition External Website Link Yes No
SPSS 28.0.1 Yes No Yes
Spyder Yes No Yes
SQL Developer 21.4.0 Yes No Yes
StatFit 3.0.11 Yes No No
  Cloudpaging                Download           VPN Required   
Stellarium 0.18.1 Yes No No
Tableau Yes No No
Tanner Tools v. 2020 Yes No No
TDM-GCC 9.2.0 Yes No No
Tera Term 4.105 Yes No No
Ucinet 6 Yes No No
Vivado Yes No No
Windows 10 External Website Link Yes No
WinHex Yes No No
WinMerge 2.16.8 Yes No No
Zoom Communication Yes No No
Zoom Video Conferencing External Website Link No No



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