Changing a Dearborn Password


How do I change my Dearborn Password?


Dearborn passwords are used to access certain Staff and Faculty systems. Dearborn passwords do not get reset when you reset or change a UMICH password ( Kerberos password) via the UMICH Password Management site. 

Since June of 2019, The following systems still use a Dearborn Password.

  • Dearborn Directory
  • Student Targeted Email

All other systems would use a Uniqname and UMICH Password

There are two ways to change the UM-Dearborn password.

1. If you want the password to be the same as your Kerberos, please change it at

2. If you want the password to be different than your Kerberos, Submit a Problem with Account Request


If you change your DEARBORN PASSWORD using these steps, it must be the same as your KERBEROS PASSWORD.

1.       Open a Browser

2.       In the address bar, type in 


3.       Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on “Change UMD password”


      Note: If that link does not worktry the direct link to change your password:

4.       Type in the uniqname and press continue

5.       For step 1, type in the Kerberos Password

6.       For step 2, type in your Kerberos Password again. A few things to note

a.       As of June 2019 your UMD and Kerberos passwords need to be identical when using the website.

b.      The new password has to meet the UMD/Password guidelines 

 i.      It must be at least 9 characters long and a mix of characters

ii.      We recommend using a combination of upper and lower case letters, number, and punctuation

7.       Click Change Password

For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

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