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WebFOCUS will be undergoing changes related to this project on July 25, 2022.  If you do not have access to one or more of the new workspaces, you may lose access to WebFOCUS.  Please submit an Access Request form to retain your access.  Starting July 25, 2022, only the new workspaces will be available to users, and users will only see the reports that they have access to.


I can't find reports in WebFOCUS.  Why do I see all of these folders?


The UM-Dearborn instance of WebFOCUS is currently in a state of transition, which can make it a little confusing to navigate, as an end-user.

This transition includes: 

  • New User Interface
  • New Folder Structure
  • New Permissions Paradigm
  • Data Source Change from ODS to Banner

Ideal State


  • Users only have permissions to view what is important to their job function
    • At the end of this project, most users will see between 1-5 top-level folders in WebFOCUS.  All other folders will be hidden, as they are not applicable to your position.
  • Reports should have a consistent look & feel
    • All of our reports should be using our new Launch Page and styling
  • Transition away from ODS for reporting.  ODS reports will be moved to reporting from Banner, where appropriate

Workspace Structure

The top-level Workspaces that will be used in WebFOCUS are below.  Departmental workspaces will be restricted to members of that department. Organizational Group workspaces will be restricted to members of that organizational group

Departmental Workspaces
  • Accounts
  • Admissions
  • Advancement
  • Advancement-UMAA
  • Athletics
  • Career Services
  • Disability Services
  • Enrollment Management
  • Enrollment Management Admin
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Services
  • Graduate Studies
  • Human Resources
  • International Affairs
  • ITS
  • Legal Services - UMAA
  • One Stop
  • Online Learning
  • Public Safety
  • Registration and Records
  • Student Life
  • TRIO Programs
  • Veterans
Organizational Group Workspaces
  • Advising
  • Assessment and Academic Success
  • College Unit Administration
  • Data Governance
  • Data Stewards
  • Deans/Associate Deans
  • Department Chairs
  • Emergency Management
  • Faculty
  • Retention and Graduation
  • Senior Officers

List as of 7/12/22

Benefits of the new Workspace structure
  • All folders will be hidden, except those applicable to user
  • Users may be granted access to multiple folders
  • Report shortcuts can exist in multiple locations
  • Quicker turn around on folder permissions


The following is the general progression of the WebFOCUS transition, as of 4/15/21.

Phase 1 - Complete

  • [Completed] Inventory All Reports
  • [Completed] Identify Data Source for All Reports
  • [Completed] Develop UI Style for a Launch Page
  • [Completed] Develop UI Style for reports
  • [Completed] Develop framework for consistent report development
  • [Completed] Relocate and add launch page to all reports using Banner data source
  • [Completed] Relocate and add launch page to all reports using ODS data source
  • [Completed] Fine tune report development methodologies and frameworks
  • [Completed] Develop new workspace structure
  • [Completed] Move WebFOCUS-Test to new Servers
  • [Completed] Add Single Sign-On (SSO) to WF-Test
  • [Completed] Upgrade WF-Test to 8.2.07
  • [Completed] Move WebFOCUS-Prod to new servers
  • [Completed] Add Single Sign-On (SSO) to WF-Prod
  • [Completed] Upgrade WF-Prod to 8.2.07

Phase 2

  • [Complete] Develop plan for migrating permissions from old structure to new structure.
  • [July 25, 2022] Move reports from old folder structure to new folder structure
  • [Testing] Develop UMD Data Marts to assist with report development and ODS conversion
  • [In-Process] Review ODS and Banner reports for commonalities to possibly condense reports
  • [In-Process] Convert reports using ODS data source to Banner or UMD Data Marts

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